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June Sale Items

30 x Hoffman Converter clips: 10 cent each

Beehive woodstain .5 litre: €15 each

Round veil smock Small/Xsmall: €20 each

Misc Beesuits new but open: half price

Frame wire galvonised .5kg: €5

Frame wire S/Steel 1kg: €10

6 frame S/Steel tangental Extractor: €350

Motor +speed control for Extractor: €350

Misc Jenter Queen rearing items: half price

Timber introduction cages: 50 cent each

25 kg sugar old stock: €15 each

Mink oil for softening leather gloves: €7

Cardboard Case for 1/2 lb cut comb box: 20 cent each

Heated Uncapping knife (connect to battery): €30

Screenshot 2024-06-04 at 22.46_edited.png

Koni9in nine frame radial extractor with screens for deep frames.

LIST PRICE : €1700


One Only

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